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Proficiency Rules

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This letter will be used to inform you of the safety procedures you will have to undergo before being allowed to take part in any race – flatwater or river.

The Kwa-Zulu Natal Canoe Union has set up qualifying procedures that are in line with the rules and regulations of the main body – Canoeing South Africa. These tests are for your own safety and the safety of other canoeists.

Please do not attempt to enter a race without having done the necessary qualifying stage – as discussed below.

The system works as follows: 

1)       Complete the Flatwater proficiency test at your Canoe club or local Dam or other pre-arranged   location.

2)       You are now Flat Water proficient and will now be permitted to enter Flatwater races only. Get your flatwater certificate signed by your safety officer.

3)       Complete three Flatwater races or Time Trials

4)       Complete the River proficiency test at pre-arranged location. Get your Safety Officer to sign your river certificate.

5)       You are now a ‘B’ rated paddler and will be permitted to take part in C-graded and B-graded river races only – for the grading of a river, please check the calendar on the website (

6)       Complete six 'C' graded  or ‘B’ graded (or a combination of the two) river races and get your ‘A’ certificate signed by your safety officer.

7)       You are now a 'A' rated paddler. This allows you to enter A-graded river races.

8)       Complete three 'A' graded river races and get you’re A+ certificate signed by your safety officer.

9)       You are now an 'A+' rated paddler. WELL DONE !!

10)   You will keep an ‘A’ or ‘A+’ rating for life. However if your membership lapses for more than two years and you are not yet ‘A’ or ‘A+’ rated. You will have to start at a Flatwater proficiency test should you wish to begin racing again. 

Please Note:

  • You must be a registered member of the club when you take part in the River tests and all races. You need not be registered to do Flatwater, and it is suggested that you complete Flatwater before you register.
  • Please note it is YOUR responsibility to get in touch with your safety officer to make the necessary arrangements for your proficiency tests.
  • It is also YOUR responsibility to have your certificates signed and updated by your safety officer as soon as you have completed the races in each grade.

Should you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact the club or union safety officer via the “Contact Us” page



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